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We are working for our victory!

From the very beginning of russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the agency, in close cooperation with the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration and military units of the Cherkasy region, became one of the platforms for combining the efforts of the authorities, business and fellow citizens in creating a reliable humanitarian rear. During all this time, the donors were hundreds of enterprises, organizations and fellow citizens, thanks to which the agency manages to support the military both within the region and on the demarcation lines by purchasing the necessary equipment and items of material and technical support, thanks to which the armed forces manage to continue to hold the defense and liberate the occupied territories of Ukraine.

During the entire period of operation of the charity account, the Agency purchased and transferred materials and things worth more than 24 million UAH (armored plates, generators, designators, thermal imaging monoculars, walkie-talkies and batteries for them, components and services for cars, quadrocopters, anti-aircraft spotlights, etc.).

The Agency continues to purchase and transfer what is necessary for the military and works for victory!


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Cherkasy Regional Development Agency
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Bank account UA623052990000026009021601749
JSC CB “PrivatBank”
MFO (sort code): 305299

Working on the region’s development, its investment attractiveness and resources, the Agency itself is also constantly improving through training, improving the material and technical base of the institution and attracting leading experts. It is continuous self-improvement and striving for better results that makes the Agency an active and innovative tool for changing and improving our region. If you want to contribute to this process and to the improvement of our institution, you can support us:

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18000, Cherkasy, blvd. Shevchenko, 185, 3rd floor office       +380472500932  rda.ck.ua@gmail.com fb.com/rda.ck.ua

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