«Черкаська агенція регіонального розвитку»

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«Cherkasy Regional Development Agency»

Cherkasy Regional Development Agency (RDA) is a non-profit, non-communal institution founded in 2016 as a tool for effectively implementing state regional policy in the Cherkasy region, developing its certain territories (including united territorial communities), and attracting investment and financial resources.

The objective of the Agency is to promote and organize the development of the Cherkasy region, united territorial communities and their infrastructure, and the appropriate association of organizational and financial resources originating both from the territory of the region and beyond.

The founders of the agency are both state and public organizations of the Cherkasy region, who are interested in the socio-economic development of the region. These are:

Our mission


Through dialogues, generalize the common vision of the business, science, the public, and the authorities regarding the directions and priorities of the region’s development and actualize this vision through the project’s implementation. Cherkasy RDA generates breakthrough economic solutions that create added value and a new quality of life for the population of the Cherkasy region.

Agency’s Strategic Courses of Action:


Regional Development

Community Development

Support for SMEs

Organizational Development

Our team

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A presentation of grant opportunities within the USAID program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine” took place in Cherkasy.

In the current conditions of a military state, business becomes even more relevant than ever as a tool for economic development, uniting the community, and laying a strong foundation for post-war recovery. Understanding all the challenges and difficulties that Ukrainian businesses are currently facing, it is essential to propose effective tools for their support and elevation to a qualitatively new level. This becomes possible through grant opportunities and programs aimed at fostering entrepreneurial potential and the business environment.


On July 13, 2023, the ITFUSION BUSINESS FORUM took place, initiated by Cherkasy IT Cluster, bringing together representatives from both business and the IT industry. During this event, all the participants were engaged in a collaborative dialogue to discuss potential prospects for cooperation and development. …

Сherkasy Regional Development Agency has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

Youth is an important component of the development of any society, especially the society that needs to establish effective mechanisms for implementing breakthrough project ideas for the country's reconstruction. Understanding this and aiming to involve active youth in project implementation and development, Cherkasy Regional Development Agency (Cherkasy RDA) has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Rauf Ablazov East European University and the Vocational College of Rauf Ablazov East European University.

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